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Brave Browser

Supported Coins: Basic Attention Token

Led by CEO Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Firefox and creator of JavaScript, Brave Browser aims to give people's ad-viewing dollars back to them by creating a web browser that pays you for viewing ads. With Basic Attention Token, the native cryptocurrency of the Brave ecosystem, publishers can receive donations and rewards for website content, advertisers pay for ads, and users of the browser gain a 70% share of those ad dollars. Brave is chromium based so it will resemble Google chrome in its user interface, but will actually be much faster due to putting a privacy-first perspective on your browsing experience. Brave has a built-in ad blocker and removes trackers making it up to 3x faster and much more secure than other browsers.

Unstoppable Domains decentralized web Unstoppable Domains decentralized web

Unstoppable Domains

Supported Coins: BTC, ETH, and 50 others

Unstoppable Domains is disrupting the entire internet by offering blockchain domains. With an easy to remember name such as yourdomain.crypto, you can receive crypto from anyone, no more copy-pasting addresses or using QR codes. Their blockchain domains also allow you to upload a website to a decentralized storage network so that no one can take it down but you!

Hoqu logo Hoqu decentralized web


Supported Coins: HQX

Hoqu is the world's first decentralized affiliate platform, it lets merchants and affiliates interact directly via smart contracts in order to cut out the excessive costs associated with using one of the many 'middleman' platforms, which not only charge a fee for leads, but also result in extra costs associated with using traditional banking services. All data related to transactions is recoded on the blockchain and commissions are paid out immediately with Hoqu's native token HQX, so there is total transparency and trust.

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Bitcoin Web Hosting

Services: Web Hosting with Scalable VPS, Dedicated Servers, Domains & SSL Certificates

Bitcoin Web Hosting provides top-notch web hosting services such as high performance SSD Virtual Private Servers, 24/7 support, shared hosting with 99.9% uptime, and network monitoring, but also bring an added level of dedication towards privacy and security. Bitcoin Web Hosting lets website owners host websites anonymously and pay with bitcoin, unlike other hosting services that sell your information to solicitors.

Blockgeeks logo Blockgeeks blockchain development decentralized web


Services: Online courses for blockchain development

Ever wanted to become the next great blockchain developer? want to work in the crypto industry but don't know where to begin? Blockgeeks is the prefect introduction to blockchain and crypto. Join their platform and learn how to work with Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols with hands-on training and receive certificates at the end to prove your mastery. Demand for blockchain development is growing exponentially, get the cutting-edge skills that employers are looking for and set yourself up for success!

OpenBazaar logo OpenBazaar decentralized web


Supported Coins: BTC, BCH, LTC, ZEC

OpenBazaar is an open-source peer to peer ecommerce platform where buyers and sellers deal directly with each other, meaning there are no platform fees, monthly fees, listing fees, or banks required to mediate. Users can pay with bitcoin and other cryptos, and chat directly with potential buyers and sellers. OpenBazaar does not have a central database that stores information, data is instead distributed across the network without the need of a governing body.

+ What is decentralized web?

The decentralized web is at the core of the next evolution of the internet, otherwise known as web 3.0. Instead of centralizing power and data storage to a few giant tech companies, the decentralized web will be composed of peer to peer networks, transparent blockchains, open source smart contracts, and platforms that aim to give users free services with strong security and privacy.